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Copperwood was established in 1984 by Mark with a goal to always remain an independent, full service, real estate brokerage firm.

The independent part was the key to working closely with other industry professionals on “insider deals” without the competitive pressure to present only the properties listed by a parent company to its customers. This opened up a more comprehensive database of available properties than a standard multiple-listing service that is shared between the large brokerage houses.

The professionals at Copperwood, through memberships in local and national associations, also have access to all of the typical marketing resources offered by a larger brokerage house. Remaining independent allows for quicker flexibility in marketing decisions and fee structures. With success came the strong demand for its services and Copperwood has since added a couple of select Partners to handle the brokerage and property management work load.

Other seasoned professionals have observed this success and modeled their business in the same manner. Working together as part of the IBN (Independent Broker Network), has allowed Copperwood to expand their capabilities into a larger geographical area. All of the real estate Partners at Copperwood and IBN make their own, independent, decisions and customize their real estate services to each customer.

The “Professional Association” format has proven to be a winner and real advantage for the customers of Copperwood. Let us show you the insider advantage and the difference of dealing direct with the decision maker.

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